Please Louise. Expand The Exhibition Centre

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The release of the Liberal Party�s costings has confirmed that Ted Baillieu and Louise Asher will not expand the exhibition space at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Ms Asher has repeatedly attacked the Government over the past three years in Parliament, in media releases and at tourism forums, claiming the exhibition space �badly needs expansion� and Victoria needed it to remain competitive.

Tourism and Major Events Minister Tim Holding said it is now only a future Labor Government that had committed to investing $242 million in the project.

�For years Ms Asher has been berating the Government for not expanding the exhibition space, but is now refusing to put her money where her mouth is,� Mr Holding said.

�This typifies the Liberal Party and Louise Asher. All they do is criticise and talk down Victoria and won�t outline a positive vision for our State.�

�Victoria�s tourism industry, and in particular VECCI, have made it clear that expanding the exhibition space at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is its number one priority.

�This project will make the exhibition space 40 per cent bigger helping to attract major international exhibitions, boosting tourism and creating jobs.�

Please see attached references of Louise Asher highlighting the need for the expansion of the exhibition space.

�I hope that this year the Brumby Government is seriously considering this much-needed expansion.”

Victoria needs Exhibition Centre expansion to remain competitive, Media Release, 26 March 2010

�I call on the Brumby Government to heed the advice of its own authority and expand the Exhibition Centre.�

Asher Calls on Labor to Expand Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 2 May 2010.

“The Brumby Government needs to respond to the calls from its own authority and prominent industry groups to expand the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.”

Exhibition Centre expansion remains unclear, Media Release, 12 November 2009

�In these troubled economic times, it is imperative that the State Government builds this expansion to the Exhibition Centre to support the industry.”

Labor refuses to heed advice and expand Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Media Release, 19 May 2009

“�the Minister’s most significant failure concerns the expansion of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.�

Victorian Hansard, 6 May 2010

“I call on the government to act; Jeff’s Shed was a great idea at the time but Jeff’s Shed needs to get bigger and the Brumby Government needs to expand it.”

Victorian Hansard, 21 November 2007

“I wish to draw the attention of the house to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and the fact that it badly needs expansion. It is a great facility of course, but at the moment this state is losing exhibitions because we need more space.”

Victorian Hansard 2 June 2004, Legislative Assembly