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Local business and community groups from the Lyndhurst and Dandenong electorates discussed strategies to keep Victorians in work at a forum in Dandenong today.

Member for Lyndhurst, Tim Holding said ideas discussed at the forum would contribute to Labor’s work in developing a jobs and investment plan for Victoria.

“Nothing is more important to families in Lyndhurst than having a job,” Mr Holding said.

“Yet under the Baillieu Government Victoria’s unemployment rate has increased to 5.3 per cent, and infrastructure investment fell by 6.8 per cent in Victoria in 2011, compared to growth of 30 per cent nation-wide.”

“With the Baillieu Government asleep at the wheel, Labor is working with business and the community to do what’s needed – develop a jobs plan,” he said.

Participants at the Lyndhurst forum discussed issues including investment attraction, skills and training, infrastructure and major projects.

“Labor will deliver a strong plan to attract jobs and investment to Victoria.”

“A job provides dignity, a sense of purpose, a productive contribution to the community and an income to support a family.”

“Labor will do the hard yards to keep Victorians in work.”

The Opposition has written to more than 240 organisations, seeking their views to help shape the jobs and investment plan, as well as holding a series of forums across the State.

Tim Holding encouraged the community, business groups, unions and other organisations to have their say by visiting