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The Baillieu Government has failed to deliver on its commitment to introduce a new property-based levy to replace the Fire Services Levy, Shadow Treasurer Tim Holding said today.

Mr Holding said once again Ted Baillieu and Peter Ryan had failed to meet their own deadline.

“The government promised to introduce legislation into the Parliament in early 2012, with the transition phase for the new levy to start on 1 July. Instead, they have delivered nothing,” Mr Holding said.

“Victorians, particularly in regional communities, who were promised that the phase out of the old levy would begin today, will feel betrayed.

“Clearly the government has been unable to deliver on its promise to reform the FSL.”

The Baillieu Government released an Options Paper in June 2011, committing to replace the existing Fire Services Levy with a property-based levy, in line with recommendation 64 of the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission.

Mr Holding said that the government had not even explained how the new levy would work, despite the consultation paper being released more than a year ago.

“Victorians have hundreds of questions about the new levy,” he said.

“But they are being kept in the dark by this lazy, do-nothing government.”

Mr Holding said the Government urgently needed to answer key questions such as:

  • Who will pay the levy?;
  • How much will they pay?; and
  • How will the levy be collected?

“At this point, all we know is that the government is refusing to guarantee that no-one will be worse off under the new levy,” he said.

“Victorians deserve better than this.”