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Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has pointedly refused to guarantee that no insured Victorian property owners will be worse off as a consequence of his Government’s new property based Fire Services Levy, Shadow Treasurer Tim Holding said today.

Mr Holding said that today’s announcement by the Baillieu Government of its new model to fund Victoria’s fire services has left many questions unanswered.

“Mr Baillieu has refused to reveal what the variable component of the new property based levy will be.

“Until this is released no Victorian property owner will know how much they will have to pay as a consequence of these changes.

“It beggars belief that the Government can release the average residential 2013-14 property levy for every Local Government Area in Victoria and yet they will not release the variable component percentage on which this levy is based”, Mr Holding said.

“Ted Baillieu has also failed to confirm that Victorian health care card holders will be entitled to a concession under the Government’s new property based  Fire Services Levy.

“This appears to be at odds with recommendation 64 of the Bushfire Royal Commission that the Coalition promised to implement ‘lock stock and barrel’,” Mr Holding said.

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has claimed that it was not consulted over the Baillieu Government’s decision to charge property owners through their municipal rates.

Mr Holding said that it came as no surprise that the Baillieu Government had failed to notify local government of its plans for it to collect the levy on household rate notices.

“Victorians are entitled to know the answer to the fundamental question, ‘how much will they have to pay”?