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$1.4 billion of unspent funds is languishing in the Government’s coffers with no plans on how to spend this money for the benefit of Victorians, according to an Auditor General’s report released today.

Shadow Treasurer Tim Holding said the report, Portfolio Departments and Associated Entities: Results of the 2011-12 Audits, stated that at the end of the financial year $1.4 billion was available to deliver additional public services and infrastructure.

“Ted Baillieu and Kim Wells have perpetuated a myth that deep cuts to TAFE and vital support to school students are necessary to balance the budget,” Mr Holding said.

“Today the Auditor-General has busted that myth and found that not only is $1.4 billion sitting idle, but also that there are no plans for ten government departments to use this money to deliver services and infrastructure to Victorians.”

“After two years this Government should have a pipeline of projects to deliver jobs, attract investment and to stimulate local economies.

“Instead we have the business community begging for action, jobs deserting the state and funding ripped out of training at TAFEs around Victoria.”

Mr Holding said that unlike the Coalition, Victorian Labor has a plan for jobs and investment that will provide a skilled workforce, revitalise the car industry, secure a container port in Bay West and provide a pipeline for infrastructure projects.

In the absence of a policy from the Coalition, Victorian Labor has developed a plan in consultation with business and community leaders to boost the Victorian economy and get it back on a sustainable footing.

“Victorian Labor’s plan has been developed through extensive consultations throughout Victoria. We have heard the same thing time and time again – when will the Coalition get serious about creating an environment for jobs and investment?”

Victorian Labor’s Plan for Jobs and Growth outlines 67 initiatives across six key priority areas, setting out a clear path for economic growth and job creation in the short, medium and longer term.

A future Victorian Labor Government will:
• Fund TAFEs and crack down on unscrupulous training providers
• Establish Infrastructure Victoria to plan the State’s infrastructure priorities
• Establish Projects Victoria to deliver critical major projects
• Determine the viability of Bay West as the location for Victoria’s future container port
• Protect WorkCover from government plunder
• Establish robust regulatory burden reduction measures
• Support Victorian businesses seeking to tap into the resources boom
• Protect Melbourne Airport’s curfew-free status from inappropriate development
• Support Victorian regional councils seeking to develop crucial infrastructure; and
• Ensure the Victorian Government’s procurement processes support local jobs and businesses.