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The Baillieu Government’s wafer thin surplus has been achieved by slugging Victorian motorists with dramatic increases in licence fees, Shadow Treasurer Tim Holding said today.

Further Mr Holding said that vulnerable Victorians were being hit with:

  • the privatisation of high-care aged beds for our most vulnerable senior citizens;
  • a cut to disability services, a system already buckling under the pressure of two budgets of savage cutbacks; and
  • fewer first home buyers being eligible for the First Home Owners Grant.

Today’s Victorian Budget Update has the Government claiming an additional $750 million over four years in cuts and efficiency measures.

“The Baillieu Government would have us believe that the $750 million of measures announced today will have no impact on frontline services but Victorians know this is not true”, Mr Holding said.

“We have heard all this before – large cuts accompanied by Baillieu Government claims that front-line services will not be affected. Victorians have already witnessed a litany of frontline Government services being cut as a consequence of Baillieu Government savings measures.

“The Government has further revised down the surplus estimate for 2012-13 to a wafer thin $137 million.

“The Auditor-General recently revealed the Baillieu Government’s surplus is built on unsustainable foundations because of its reliance on dividends from public entities,” Mr Holding said.

Revisions to economic and employment growth reveal that the Baillieu Government’s failure to introduce a jobs and growth plan is further damaging the Victorian economy. As growth forecasts are revised down further pressure will be placed on the Government’s revenue forecasts.

Mr Holding said that more and more Victorian families were facing the terrible uncertainty of unemployment.

“This is the price of the Baillieu Government’s failure to introduce a plan to grow the State’s economy”, Mr Holding said.

“Treasurer Kim Wells refused to rule out today dramatic taxation increases for Victorian households.

“This is an extraordinary admission from a Government that promised to reduce the cost of living for Victorian families.”